Peace Corps Library Project

I will be applying for a grant this term to build a library at the secondary school (high school) where I teach. Another nearby volunteer has generously offered to share a large portion of his thousands upon thousands of books shipment to other volunteers who help him fundraise. I beg that you support his library project through donating any amount you are willing and able. He is planning for the distribution of books through the Books for Africa project (link provided by clicking on the text “Books for Africa”). His name is Kevin Fuller and his school is Busembatia.

If you donate to his project you are also helping my school and several other volunteers’ schools here in Uganda. That equates to thousands of students and hundreds of teachers that will have access to better learning and teaching resources. The students here are very eager to learn but simply are not provided the resources. Teachers are not provided much support nor updated teaching material. I plan for our library to house accurate information in all subjects we teach plus additional literature from around the world.

Thank you so much and please spread the word!

Uganda PCV
Math, Biology, English Teacher
Atiri Secondary School


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